Ethics in a Web 2.0 World

Social Media ? Web 2.0 ? has had profound effects on society and the law. With close to 1 billion users on Facebook and nearly 300 million tweets a day, there is a vast amount of electronic evidence in social networks. But can you ethically use this information? Because this is a novel area of law, this question can be extremely difficult to answer.

Join Patrick Eckstrom and John Stahmer as they utilize ABA model rules, ethics opinions, case law, and more to explain the ethical issues involved with social media. The main areas discussed include the state of Web 2.0, obtaining evidence from social networks, using social media evidence for impeachment, witness use of social media during trial, ?friending? & deceit, and ex parte social media contacts with represented parties.

Patrick Eckstrom is the President & CEO of My Social Marketing Network a San Diego based Marketing & PR Agency that focuses on social media and internet marketing to help clients increase revenue and brand awareness. Prior to joining My Social Marketing Network as the Director of Business Development, John Stahmer was the Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety managing the agencies day-to-day operations and serving as the Agencies Public Information Officer (PIO) where he interacted with both the media and the legislature.

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